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“Jesus Himself”

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Update: Sir Marcus Loane went to be with Jesus on 14th April 2009.  I only found out in the last few days, and thought it appropriate to bring this review (from July 2008) of his outstanding book to the top.

Jesus Himself: The Story of the Resurrection – from the Garden Tomb to the Mount of Olives by Marcus L. Loane

Banner of Truth, 2007 (126 pp, hbk)

A friend was kind enough to give me a copy of this recent publication from the Banner of Truth. I was umming and aahing about a purchase, and he insisted that I take it, assuring me that I would not suffer for it. He was entirely right.

Fifteen brief chapters (the longest no more than a few pages) work through the post-resurrection appearances of the Lord Jesus. The best and by no means demeaning description I can give is that they read as conversational sermonettes. Each chapter consists of the relevant short portion of Scripture, and then a devotional commentary on and consideration of it. These thoughts weave together evident theological acumen, warm human understanding, the fruit of prayerful meditation, and a worshipful sense of the glorious person of the risen Lord. The effect, as one works through the various narratives, is to build up a potent and heart-warming tapestry of the days following the resurrection of the Lord, until his ascension to his Father’s right hand in glory.

As we step through the locations and events with those involved in them, Loane gives us insights into their circumstances, minds and hearts. We are drawn into their world, made to think and feel with them. By the time they encounter the risen Christ, or understand that they are doing so, our senses are so bound up with theirs that essentially the same wonder and adoration are drawn from our hearts as from theirs. It is a rare authorial talent, and well-employed here. The sensitive reader will smile, suffer, leap and weep with the Scriptural characters, and would, I hope, reach the point of proclaiming with Thomas, “My Lord and my God!”

The brevity of the chapters makes this an excellent tool in many respects. It could provide two rich weeks of daily devotional readings. Family worship on the Lord’s day morning before heading out to church, or over the dinner table, or at the close of the day, would be much enhanced for fifteen weeks. Even storing it on a handy bookshelf to snatch a tasty spiritual snack at opportune moments would do the soul good. Its attractive and durable binding make it an ideal gift volume.

The believer’s faith, love and hope would all be well-served by prayerful and meditative reading of this little volume. Unbelievers willing to read a book of this order would find themselves often face to face with Christ, and the enticing challenge of his person and work. In essence, it is full of the gospel, and the aroma of Jesus rises from it sweetly. To have your eyes turned to and fixed upon him, you could do much worse than to purchase and peruse this volume.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Monday 4 May 2009 at 11:25

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