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“God the Saviour calls us near”

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St Bees 7 7. 7 7

God the Saviour calls us near
With an invitation clear,
Crying to the thirsty one:
“Come, despairing sinner, come!”

“Come, O poor and helpless soul,
Find the food that makes you whole;
I can meet a sinner’s need,
I can give you food indeed.

“Would you give what’s in your hand
For this world’s dry dust and sand?
Leave that – hear and taste and see:
Satisfy your soul in me!

“Bend your ear, and come to me –
Heed my true and earnest plea;
Freely take the grace I give –
Hear me, and your soul shall live.”

Hear the Saviour’s gracious call,
Find in Christ your all in all:
“Come, O hungry, thirsty one –
Come, O hopeful sinner, come!”



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Written by Jeremy Walker

Saturday 14 March 2009 at 08:54

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