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“I believe in evolution”

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It is half-term this week.  My wife reminded me that some of the lads from Maidenbower might be out and about.  Yesterday I had another opportunity to speak with some of them.  I went over to the park and played football for about half-an-hour in the pouring rain.  We were dripping wet, and they were about to head home.  I asked when I would see them at church, and gave them some encouragements and reasons to come.   I told them that the truth about Jesus was the most important thing that sinners like us can ever know about, and they would probably not hear that truth from anyone else, but that God in his mercy had sent preachers like me to explain to them why they need a Saviour.

They shut down: clearly I was getting “serious.”  I asked them why they were so negative.  They trotted out the prepared response, the “lines to take” that society provides for them.  Among the answers – “I am an agnostic,” “I am an atheist” – was one particularly noteworthy riposte: “I believe in evolution.”

Many evolutionists can get quite narked when you start setting your ‘worldview’ against theirs as if they were men and women of faith.  You are superstitious, they are scientific.  You are subjective, they are objective.  You are emotional, they are intellectual.  You are muddled, they are clear.  You have to do with faith, they have to do with reason.

Yet you speak to ordinary folks, and it becomes clear that to them, evolution is very much a defence.  It is an alternative and antagonistic belief system, a structure of presuppositions and notions that demands faith, and which can be opposed to the Christian faith.

Evolution, certainly as commonly understood (and, I would argue, on every level), is a matter of faith.  As such, it is groundless: inconsistent, incoherent, incredible, and inconclusive.  It claims to offer progress, and yet leaves men trapped by their own sin and in their own misery.

“I believe in evolution.”

How tragic.  Thank God that there is an alternative to the idols.

Written by Jeremy Walker

Friday 20 February 2009 at 09:01

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